Weight Loss / Emotional Eating

Weight Loss / Emotional Eating

Why we struggle with weight ?

When we have feelings like frustration, grief, loneliness, sadness, anger, fear or shame, our mind wants to find something that feels good to distract ourselves. Many people find food and eating as great ways to relieve these stresses and distract themselves from these feelings.

We try to ignore these stressful feelings, but when that doesn’t work, guess what? We eat – our mind is searching for something that feels good and that will distract us, and food fills this need. Overeating to distract ourselves can lead to shame, frustration, or guilt, thereby creating even more stress. 

That cycle keeps on going. That’s the cycle of emotional habits.

Break the cycle

In order to break the cycle, successful hypnotherapy should take place between the stages of feeling these negative emotions and eating to try to relieve them.

Unfortunately, no matter what you do to lose weight, if you don’t identify why you are eating and fix it at the source, the weight loss will only be temporary. This is why the vast majority of people successfully lose weight temporarily, but then regain all the weight lost and, sometimes, gain even more.

Losing weight is not what’s most difficult – it’s maintaining the weight loss. If feelings of frustration, bereavement, loneliness, sadness, anger, fear, shame, etc., are not identified and addressed over time, they will hinder the ability to keep the weight off. In short, it is the fight between willpower and feelings. Guess who will win at the end? Yes, the feelings will.

Some people only trust a trainer who leads by example. It is important for me to apply what I advise in order to understand the difficulties, but the goal is not to have the same results that I have had, but to achieve your own goals.


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