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In August of 2018, two weeks before my wedding, my father died of a liver cirrhosis due to his alcoholism. My father’s alcohol addiction greatly affected our family life. My story is not unique, quite the contrary, it is among millions of similar stories that affect people and families dealing with this addiction and all the other addictions out there.

It is for this reason that in 2020 I decided to leave my professional career in human resources, change management to use my experience in personal development in order to be certified in hypnosis by “The National Guild of Hypnotists” to help people with chronic pain and anxiety. Then by following specific training for addictions, I am able to help in this area which is very rarely chosen by those who have been certified in hypnosis. I became a relapse prevention specialist because what is most difficult is not to stop the addiction, it is to not relapse.

Since 2008, I have been passionate about personal development and trained in new techniques to help people find their limiting beliefs and suppress their fears in just a few hours even in minutes.

For over a decade what has fascinated me has been the ability for human beings to change, whether it’s corporate or personal change. What is hardest for people is to change. My master’s thesis demonstrated that of the 5 obstacles to achieving organizational goals, the greatest one was to take action.

Eager to transform people’s lives through hypnosis and coaching, I also enjoy participating in humanitarian missions, like the one in 2019 in Honduras for the construction of two latrines for two families with two great organizations: Hearts for Honduras and The Agape Projects.


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