Chronic Pain

chronic pain with Hypnosis in Texas, San Antonio & Austin

The brain knows how to stop the pain in your body and spirit. Hypnosis teaches your brain how to help with pain responses.

Hypnosis is used to perform surgery without anesthesia. Patients can effectively be operated on without feeling pain. Dentists use hypnosis when a patient needs treatment and cannot tolerate anesthesia. So imagine what hypnosis can do for your pain even if it is chronic.

For more studies about the benefits of science-based hypnosis in chronic pain relief, I invite you to read my blog post on this subject.

In order to give an idea of hypnosis’ results, here are two real cases of two clients suffering from chronic pain. The first case is a person who had seen specialists for over 15 years without any improvement and finding the reason for her pain. Here is a table of concrete results after ten sessions. The second case is a person who has suffered from chronic pain for more than 8 years without having any relief.

The objective is not to highlight my competence, but rather to give hope to people who suffer from chronic pain like fibromyalgia and others, especially those who have seen several specialists but still don’t have answers and results. It is possible to improve your condition, regardless of how long you have suffered.

Here is the second real case

Each case is a special case. I don’t pretend to have such amazing results as this one for every client. Again, the objective is only to illustrate what the combination of hypnosis, other types of techniques, and my coaching experience can do.  There is help for some cases, even when specialists have not been able to improve a person’s quality of life after 15 years or 8 years of treatment.


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